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About us

An orchestra by youth, for youth

Melomania is primarily an initiative driven by passionate symphonic orchestra enthusiasts, fueled by the motivation of young musicians who come together every week to make music and share their passion.

Our history

Melomania is a youth orchestra born on a whim by a handful of music enthusiasts eager to play with other skilled and passionate musicians in a relaxed atmosphere. The idea came to life during the summer of 2017, and rehearsals started in September of the same year. The project was immediately supported by the municipality of Ixelles, which provided rehearsal spaces and even the Théâtre Molière for the first concert in February 2018. Another symphonic concert followed in November 2018. In February 2019, Melomania performed at the cultural center of Uccle with the choirs Vox Anima and Mélopée for a film music show, confirming the orchestra's versatility in embracing all types of music without style boundaries.


Since then, the orchestra has been performing various symphonic concerts ranging from grand romantic symphonies to Spanish and Mexican music. They have also had the opportunity to perform with soloists such as Benjamin Dieltjens, Sylvia Huang, Shirly Laub, Didier Poskin, and many others.


Since February 2023, Melomania has been supported by the Queen Mathilde Fund (managed by the King Baudouin Foundation), which assists them in their project to make classical music accessible to an ever-growing audience.

Our Team

Our Partners and Sponsors

Since its creation, Melomania has had the opportunity to collaborate with various groups (choirs, other orchestras, etc.) and has received generous support from different organizations. Today, Melomania benefits from the support of the Queen Mathilde Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation.


Melomania has been supported since 2022 in its objective to make classical music accessible to a wider audience through the Queen Mathilde Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, as part of the "I Sea Idea I do" subsidy.

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Melomania benefited from a promotion on musiq3 for the first time as part of the closing concert of the "Titan" Project in July 2023.

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During its "Titan" Project, Melomania could rely on the services and generous support of Adams to provide the orchestra's musicians with the rare instruments required by the repertoire.

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Melomania regularly collaborates with other organizations and orchestras by mutually relaying our announcements and theirs to our respective musicians and audiences/networks.

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Melomania aims to make classical concerts accessible to everyone. In this regard, we collaborate with various social actors, where we organize smaller-scale concerts and provide them with free tickets to our regular concerts.

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