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Melomania Summer Project
July 2024

Each year, Melomania organizes an ambitious symphonic project during the first week of July, conducted by Guy Van Waas. These sessions are attended mostly by conservatory students and professionnals who share the same love for orchestral music. This year we are delighted to be joined by Samuel Nemtanu (Brussels Philharmonic) as well, as our soloist.

What are the
Melomania Summer Projects?

Thanks for asking. The MSP is, basically, a week-long session during which we will rehearse every day from 10am to 5pm. We will play one or two concerts at the end of the week in a nice venue. This year the program will include:

  • Mendelssohn: Hebrides Ouverture, Op. 26

  • Tchaikosky: Violin Concerto, Op. 35
    • Solo: Samuel Nemtanu
  • Brahms: Symphony No.3, Op. 90

Our July projects are intended mainly for students who want to have fun while gathering meaningful experience that will help them in their professional life. It is also attended by professionnals who want to coach those students or simply enjoy the experience. It's a very international group, with people coming from all over Europe.


Here are some important practicalities:

  • This year, the session will take place from the 1st to the 7th of July, and the rehearsals will be held in Brussels from 10am to 5pm every day. The schedule might vary in the week-end.

  • For foreign musicians, it is possible to find a guest family (although we can't guarantee we'll find one for everyone).

  • We find it very important that our projects remain accessible to everyone, so participation is totally free for all participants.

  • Language is not an issue! If you understand French, Dutch or English, you will be fine! 

  • We are tackling a very difficult repertoire, with the goal of producing an accomplished musical performance. We expect every musician to be prepared, and be able to play through the symphony on day one.

  • There will be a small (online) audition for musicians who didn't study at a conservatory.
    More details upon registration.


Why should I participate in this (awesome) project?

Because it's the best ! Here's why:

  • It's fun ! Whatever your level, amateur, professionnal, student, we guarantee that you will have a good time and go home with lots of good memories. Besides, it's an occasion to meet a lot of great people sharing you passion.

  • Free orchestra sessions with seasoned professional coaches and ambitious repertoire are hard to come by in a lot of countries, including Belgium. Take the opportunity!

  • It's an awesome learning experience ! You will be surrounded by advanced students, experienced professionnals and guest coaches who will help you during rehearsals. An experience like this is very valuable if you want to learn to play professionally in orchestra.

  • This is a project organized by four students, entirely driven by passion (see "Qui sommes-nous?"), and not by some anonymous corporation. We are personally involved in this project, and you can come to us with any problem or request and we will help you. We do all of this to offer you (and ourselves) a great week.

  • It's free ! 

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